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The VPS Flexball® cable is a push-pull ball bearing control system.  It is essentially a flexible linear ball bearing which transfers push-pull motion from one point to another.  Its unique design allows for the transmission of movement with maximum efficiency and minimal lost motion.

VPS Inside the Flexball Control Cabl
Flexball Control Cable

VPS Flexball® cables are available in five different sizes and can accommodate operating loads over 3000 lbs and individual lengths as long as 75 ft (longer length applications  can be achieved by coupling cables together).

VPS Flexball® cables can also accommodate complex layouts with small bend radii and still achieve an efficiency rate of up to 97 %.  The stainless steel inner members of the cable assure an optimum cycle life under high bending stress.

VPS Flexball® cables offer a cost effective and mechanically reliable alternative to complicated rod linkages and hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, or conventional cables.

VPS Flexball cables provide these unique characteristics:


– Flexibility in following complex multi-plane layouts


– High efficiency in the transmission of input forces

– Minimal loss of transmitted motion regardless of cable length or layout


– Constant repeatability of transmitted motion throughout the operational life of the cable


– Impervious to extreme ambient temperature fluctuations and environmental conditions

Flexball Routing
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